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The practice of mindfulness was always intended to take place within the framework of community. While it is possible—indeed necessary—to practice on your own, it is also imperative that we surround ourselves with a community of support, to join and guide us through the many ‘growth opportunities’ the practice provides us.

InSpire mindfulness gatherings were created to provide that community of support where none may previously have existed. We gather regularly to share practices and experiences, and to be present with one another in an understanding, friendly environment.

InSpire mindfulness gatherings

Each gathering features mindfulness-based practices, discussions, and fun activities—all led by the participants and facilitator. All members, regardless of their experience, are invited to lead activities, initiate discussions, and share their experiences. We have created the InSpire Guidebook to provide ideas for activities, a suggested format, and recommendations for gathering facilitation.

Please consider supporting us in our efforts to host these gatherings and to cultivate a mindful world for all.